Spanish Girls

Series of portraits inspired by the women of Mallorca Island

June, 2019

Matisse’s wife

Acrylic on paper

32 x 42 cm


The post-impressionists broke traditional portraiture and explored all possible avenues of representation and expression. At the beginning of the 20th century artists pushed the portrait in different directions, focusing on new aspects – line, color, form, and most importantly psychology.

The “psyche” started to be more important then the realistic, physical transmission of the person’s traits. The desire to capture the “subjective” and “emotional” leaved a big imprint on portrait art.

This inspired me to create this series of portraits – imperfect, colourful, naked.

Naked girl from Spain 1

Acrylic on paper

42 x 32 cm

Naked girl from Spain 2

Acrylic on paper

42 x 32 cm

The unbearable litheness of being

Acrylic on canvas 

50 x 70 cm